File a Case

Initiate an Arbitration

Parties wishing to initiate an Arbitration with JWA should submit their pleadings, together, with their Arbitration Agreement. Once received, the Case Administrator will contact the parties regarding the details of the Arbitration.

If the matter has not previously been filed with a Court, either party may initiate the Arbitration by submitting a Cover Sheet and their respective pleadings to JWA. Typically, the Claimant should file its Original Complaint in Arbitration with JWA in the same format as a Plaintiff’s Original Petition and forward a copy to the Respondent. This will initiate the Arbitration, subject to payment of the Administrative and Evergreen Retainer Fees. JWA will bill the responsible party.

For a personal injury case filed against a non-subscriber wherein there exists an Arbitration Provision which dictates the forum, one of the parties should forward JWA a copy of the live pleadings, the Order of Abatement from the Trial Court, together with a Cover Sheet and the pertinent Arbitration Provision applicable to the case. Because the majority of non-subscriber arbitration agreements dictate which party will be responsible for the expenses of arbitration, JWA will bill the responsible party for the Administrative and Evergreen Retainer Fees.


JWA charges a one-time, non-refundable Administrative Fee of $1,800.00 and a refundable Evergreen Retainer Fee of $4,000.00, regardless of the amount in controversy or the number of parties involved. All of our Arbitrators are billed at $500.00 per hour for study and hearing time, and at one-half, this rate for travel time, if required, together with reasonable expenses.

Selecting an Arbitrator

Upon receipt of the one-time $1,800.00 non-refundable Administrative Fee and a refundable Evergreen Retainer Fee of $4,000.00, JWA will send the initial list of five potential Arbitrators to the parties to begin the selection process.

Download the Arbitration Coversheet

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