About JWA

The primary objective of JWA is to provide a fair resolution of disputes with the least amount of administrative oversight and expense. 

Simply stated, whether you represent the Claimant or Respondent, it is arbitration like you always thought it should be.

Judicial Workplace Arbitrations, Inc. ("JWA") was created in 2003 by Judge Frank Andrews to address the need for quality and economy in arbitrations. Although initially it began to handle issues arising in the non-subscriber workplace, JWA expanded to oversee most Civil Law issues. Our Arbitrators are experienced in all facets of Civil Law. All JWA Arbitrators are Former, Senior or Retired Judges.

JWA utilizes the Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Evidence in the jurisdiction where the cause of action is accrued, unless some other rules are agreed upon or specified in the underlying Arbitration Agreement or other controlling document. JWA does not have separate guidelines or rules for arbitration. The parties may agree to rules differing from the Rules of Civil Procedure and Evidence, but all rules must be in writing and authorized by the Arbitrator.

JWA believes it is most important that the parties have complete confidence in the Arbitrator’s impartiality. JWA requires its Arbitrators to disclose any past or present relationship with parties, direct or indirect, whether financial, professional, social or of any other kind. This is a continuing obligation throughout each case. Any doubts should be resolved in favor of disclosure. 

• All JWA Arbitrators are Former, Senior or Retired Judges. 

• JWA by default utilizes the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Texas Rules of Evidence. 

• JWA charges the same one-time administrative fee and set refundable anticipated fees based on the length of arbitration regardless of the amount in controversy or the number of parties involved. 

• JWA charges a set hourly rate for all JWA arbitrators regardless of selection.

• JWA operates as the court administrator and clerk in cases and handles all communication between parties and arbitrators.

• JWA provides personal service you won't find anywhere else.

Staff photo of JWA's team