Why is JWA the right choice for Arbitration?

  • All JWA Arbitrators are Former, Senior or Retired Judges
  • JWA by default utilizes the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and Texas Rules of Evidence.
  • JWA charges the same one-time administrative fee and set refundable anticipated fees based on the length of arbitration regardless of the amount in controversy or the number of parties involved.
  • JWA charges a set hourly rate for all JWA arbitrators regardless of selection.
  • JWA operates as the court administrator and clerk in cases and handles all communication between parties and arbitrators.
  • JWA provides personal service you won't find anywhere else.

The JWA staff is skilled, courteous and cost conscious.  I have had the privilege of serving as an arbitrator for many national and international groups, but none are better in accommodating the needs of the clients, the counsel and the arbitrator.…

— Honorable Alice Oliver-Parrott
JWA Panelist