Hon. Tom McDonald

Bryan, Texas

Born on February 15, 1940, in Bryan, Texas.
Married to the former Caroline Sweeney of Brownsville, Texas.
Tom and Wife have two sons, Scott and Don as well as grandchildren, Hunter and Grace.

Education  + -

  • Stephen F. Austin High School, Bryan, Texas
  • Randolph-Macon Men's College, Ashland, Virginia
    BA in Political Science / History   1962
  • University of Texas School of Law
    Doctor of Jurisprudence   1965
  • A. A. White Dispute Resolution Institute
  • The Center for Conflict Management, Inc
  • San Diego, CA
    SPIDR International Conference   1991
  • Houston, TX
    Getting Past No: Bill Ury Seminar   1992
  • Increasing Personal Effectiveness in Mediation & Arbitration
    J*A*M*S Seminar   1992
  • Pepperdine University School of Law
    Seminar   1992
  • SPIDR, Southwest Regional Conference
  • Negotiation & Settlement Advocacy Lecturer
  • A. A. White Dispute Resolution Institute
  • South Texas College of Law
    J*A*M*S   1992
  • International Centers for Arbitration
    Certification Course of International Arbitrators   1993
  • The Institute of Transnational Arbitration
    Transnational Commercial Arbitration Workshop   1993
  • State Bar of Texas
    Negotiation Coach, Advanced Negotiation Training Course   1994
  • Pepperdine University School of Law, Scottsdale, Arizona
    Advanced Mediation Course   1994

Experience  + -

  • Travis County
    Assistant District Attorney   1996-1967
  • Brazos County
    Assistant County/District Attorney   1967-1968
  • Brazos County
    Elected County Attorney   1968-1972
  • Brazos County
    Elected District Attorney   1973-1977
  • Private Practice
  • 85th Judicial District
    Elected District Judge   1978-1990
  • Senior District Judge of Texas
  • Judicial Arbitration & Mediation Services, Inc. of Texas, now J*A*M*S/Endispute
    Judicial Panelist, Charter Member   1991-1997
  • Private Practice
    Mediator/Arbitrator   1997-Present

Memberships & Affiliations  + -

  • Community Foundation of Brazos Valley
    Honoree   2014
  • Caroline-Twin City Mission Capital Campaign
    Co-Chairperson with wife   2007
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
    Project Director   2002 - 2014
  • "Save the Queen" Committee
  • Downtown Bryan Association
    Past Member
  • City of Bryan, Coulter Airfield
    Advisory Board   2005-2008
  • Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District
    Past President   2002— Present
  • Brazos Valley Groundwater Conservation District
    Board Member   2002— Present
  • Brazos Valley Council Civil War Round Table
  • Brazos Writers
  • Bryan Soccer League
    Coach   1987-1989
  • Brazos Animal Shelter Expansion and Education Committee
  • City of Bryan Parks & Recreation Board
    Chairman   1998 - 2000
  • Site Selection and Arrangements Committee, St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, Fund Raiser - Brazos Bash
    Chairman   1993, 1994
  • 125th Anniversary of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
    Co-Chairman   1996
  • St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, Fundraiser - Brazos Bash
    Co-Chairman   1992
  • East Texas Historical Society
  • The Brazos Valley Insite Magazine
    Editorial Board   1993-1994
  • Brazos County Humane Society
  • Eastside Historic District Fourth of July Celebration Heritage Park Celebration
    Founder   1986-1993
  • Junior League Follies
    1985- 2000
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Church of Bryan
    Life member and former Vestry member   2000-2003
  • Numerous Civic & Youth Activities
    Member and/or participant
  • Sons of American Revolution
  • Sons of the Republic of Texas
  • 4-H Club Equestrian Club Annual Show
  • GYPSY, The Theatre Company, Bryan-College Station
    Special Guest Performer   2000
  • St. Joseph's Parochial School Trust
  • School Board, St. Joseph Parochial School
    Member   1989-1991
  • St. Andrews Church - Episcopal Diocese of Texas
    Lay Eucharistic Minister   2001 -Present
  • Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
  • South Texas College of Law
    Guest Lecturer   2000
  • City of Bryan
    Charter Review Advisory Committee   2000
  • A.A. White Dispute Resolution Institute
    Advisory Board of Directors   1993-1995
  • American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section
  • Texas District and County Attorney's Association
    Associate Member
  • Brazos County Bar Association
    President   1975
  • College State Bar of Texas
  • Crime Victims and Witnesses Committee, State Bar of Texas
    Chairman   1991
  • Criminal Justice Section, State Bar of Texas
    Chairman   1990
  • Texas' War of Drugs, Judge's Benchbook: A Resource for Drug Abuse Prevention, published by Governor Bill Clements' Criminal Justice Division and the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
    Editorial Advisory Committee   1988
  • Texas College for New Judges
    Faculty   1985-1989
  • The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies
  • The Texas Supreme Court, Historical Society
  • Texas Association for Court Administration
    Judicial Advisory Board   1985-1989
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Appointed by Chief Justice Thomas R. Phillips, Supreme Court of Texas
    Judicial Advisory Council   1990-1993
  • Appointed by Chief Justice Jack Pope, Supreme Court of Texas
    Judicial Budget Board   1985-1987
  • City of Bryan
    Charter Review Advisory Committee   2000
  • Appointed by Hon. Tom B. Ramey, Jr., President, State Bar of Texas
    Judicial Financing Committee   1985
  • American Bar Association
    Judicial Section   1979-1989
  • State Bar of Texas
    Judicial Section   1978 - present
  • Legislative Committee, Judicial Section, State Bar of Texas
    Chairman   1984-1985
  • Houston Bar Foundation
    Life Fellow
  • Texas Bar Foundation
    Life Fellow
  • Brazos County and Houston Bar Associations
  • State Bar of Texas, ADR Section, Strategic Planning Committee
    Member   1994
  • National Association for Victim Assistance
  • Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure Committee, State Bar of Texas,
    Member   1986-­1988
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, State Bar of Texas
    Director   1992-1994
  • Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution (SPIDR)
  • Various CLE Seminars
  • Criminal Justice System of Texas, Appointed by Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby
    Special Interim Committee   1981
  • Disciplinary Rules, Appointed by Hon. Jim Parsons, State Bar President, State Bar of Texas
    Special Task Force   1990
  • State Bar of Texas
  • Texas A&M System Diplomatic Corps
    1993 -1994
  • Texas Association of Attorney Mediators
    1991- present
  • Texas Judicial Council, Appointed by Governor Ann Richards,
    Vice President   1991­-1999
  • Court-Annexed Mediations, appointed Supreme Court of Texas
    Texas Supreme Court's Advisory Committee   1996- 1998

Honors & Awards  + -

  • Outstanding Citizens of Year with wife, Caroline, Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce
  • Outstanding Distinguished Citizen Award - African American National Heritage Society
  • Outstanding Bar Association of State Award - Brazos County Bar Association
  • Outstanding Jurist of the Year Award, State Bar of Texas, Criminal Justice Section
  • Silver Good Citizenship Award, Sons of American Revolution
  • Humanitarian of the Year Award, Sons of Hermann
  • Adult Correctional Administrator of the Year, Southeast Region, Texas Corrections Association
  • National Medal of Honor Patriotism Award, Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Outstanding Administrator of the Year, Texas Corrections Association
  • Presidential Citation, State Bar of Texas
  • Patriot of '76 Award, National Sojourners
  • Outstanding Jurist, Samuel Pessarra Award, State Bar Foundation
  • Outstanding Distinguished Citizen Award, African American National Heritage Society
  • Designated by the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association as Distinguished Mediator
  • Who's Who in Texas Mediators of Texas, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, State Bar of Texas

Speaking / Authoring / Seminars  + -

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McDonald, Tom; "San Jacinto, As She Was" CD; 2012
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